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SAPE IN PARIS by Hector Mediavilla

The sapeur Lamame walks under the snow in an HLM builindg area where he lives with his family. At the age of 70 his dream has become truth: he has arrived in Paris and he will be remmembered as a Parisien among his country fellow men.

Allereux sleeps on a matress in his room after watching a video movie. Allureux Aouanloula is a well known sapeur from Brazzaville who managed to arrive in France 3 months ago. He lives in a room of a shared apartment in the outskirts of Paris. He still doesn’t have a job nor residence papers but he’s confident for his future. He goes to the bathroom to have a shower. Now, he is checking his look on a mirror while his friend “Chardin” Bat measures Massamba Djoudjou to make a tailor made suit. “Chardin” Bat lives in France since 4 years. He’s tailor and has a little “atelier de couture” in the HLM (subsidized) appartment where he lives with his friend. He mainly tailors for the Congolese community.

Pictures of KVV Mouzieto, one of the most famous sapeurs of Brazzaville. As every sapeur, he keeps pictures as irrefutable evidences of his sapeur career. At the moment, he lives in a social subsidized appartment with his family in the outskirts of Paris.

He speaks on the phone with his brother of Brazzaville in the living room of the subsidized rented apartment where he lives with his family. He has a very good reputation in Congo because of his style, always colorful and original, and his strong character. One of his pictures is hanged on the wall.

The sapeur Willy Mamona stands in the living room of his rented flat in the outskirts of Paris with his friend, Cissy Kitoko, and her son.

The sapeur Lamame looks at the snowed landscape through the window of the train in his way to Paris. It is the first time in his life he sees snow. At the age of 70 he has finally fufilled his dream of knowing Paris. Thus, he will be always remmembers a a grand sapeur, as a Parisian.

Allureux gets readly to go out. He puts a pair of crocodrile Weston shoes, worth about 2.500 euros.

The sapeurs known as Maguy Kombo “The quiet force”, Moulembo “The Mountain” and Ben Mukasha, ” the sapelogue” have a beer while discussing about differente aspects of the Sapologie theory at the Ben Mukasha bar-restaurtant in the Chateau Rouge neighborhood.

A group of sapeurs show off at the entrance of a Congolese wedding party in the municipal gymnasium of Trappes.  This is a very good chance for sapeurs to show off their best suits. Women also dress up at their best for the occasion.





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